Our Story

Traditionally Yours

For over 100 years, Vadilal has been bringing joy to the lives of people through their delectable ice creams. Throughout its history, the company has been crafting unique experiences for its customers by offering exclusive amalgamations of innovation and tradition in all its products. Today, Vadilal is one of the largest multi-national companies in the frozen foods sector in the Indian sub-continent. It is also the most awarded ice cream brand in India with over 27 awards under its belt. Vadilal has carried its legacy forward by transcending borders and bringing its ice creams to countries like the United States. Vadilal Quick Treat is the embodiment of the taste of tradition and quality of India.

About Vadilal Group

With the single-minded purpose of spreading joy in people's hearts, Mr. Vadilal Gandhi started a small soda fountain in Ahmedabad in 1907 and began making ice cream using the traditional 'Kothi' method. In a time when ice cream wasn't even an industry, he delivered ice cream in thermos boxes at his customers' doorstep. His sons soon joined in the venture and started the first parlor in 1926 that slowly grew in fame and popularity. By 1947, one parlor had grown into four and Vadilal became famous for its Cassata ice cream.

What once started as a one-man soda fountain is today under the leadership of the fourth generation and has grown into one of the largest ice cream brands in India. With every generation adding its own dynamism and progressive thinking, the company Vadilal has become a vast structured corporate entity and has risen to great heights in the domestic and international market.

Savor Tradition

Vadilal has taken a giant step in spreading joy by going global and has made its delectable range of traditional flavors available for you to relish in the United States with Vadilal Quick Treat. Made with pure milk and the finest ingredients, the range of ice creams are sure to give you an authentic taste of traditional Indian flavors. Rich in ingredients, 100% vegetarian and free from preservatives - our ice creams are simply put, works of traditional art.